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Super Junior and Hangeng have been nominated for Best Asia Act in the 2012 MTV EMAs that will take place in Frankfurt, Germany on November 11.

The Best Asia Act category is part of round 1 in the Worldwide Act. Voting for the Best Asian Act starts on 12:01am CET on 17 September to 23:59pm CET on 14 October.

The winners of the Best Asian Act category will move onto the Worldwide Act Asia Pacific category (round 2). Voting for the Worldwide Act Asia Pacific category starts from 12:01am CET on 15 October and ends 11:59pm CET on 29 October.

Then the winners of the Worldwide Act Asia Pacific category will move onto the Worldwide Act category (round 3). Voting for the Worldwide Act category begins from 12:01am CET on 30 October 2012 until 11:59pm CET on 9 November 2012. –


You can vote 100 times per day on the website, on the mobile app (MTV EMA), mobile site, or the Facebook app.

✔ Your mobile site, mobile app, or facebook app may not have voting available though depending on your country. You might not even have these three options available, so just use the website.

✔ You can go past that 100 per day limit though! You can use ALL of these methods. After you hit the limit:

(1) Use different browsers to vote (Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.)!!

(2) Another method is the private / incognito mode on your browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.). If you do not know about private / incognito mode, search it on Google [“private browsing (browser name)”].

(3) Erase your cookies (and history to be safe).

To be faster at voting, don’t refresh the page. Vote, then click on the category above the Best Asia Act, then click on the Best Asia Act category to vote again. A method used by VIPs last year was that you can use multiple clicking to vote more. Click on the vote button as quick as you can until it says “Thank you for voting!” It is said that your votes will count. (I’m not sure about this though.)

If you have further questions, ask @asianyesyes. They are our (@WorldwideELFs) side account. Thanks! Let’s vote ELF!! Don’t give up!!! Share this, translate this, post it wherever possible!!! FIGHTING!!!!

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✔ Pinch Henry’s mochi cheeks before I die.

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✔ Take selcas with him before I die.

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✔ Attend a fansign event before I die.

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✔ Receive flowers from Donghae before I die.

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✔ See Shindong and Nari get married before I die.

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✔ Lean on Siwon’s shoulder’s before I die.

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✔ Catch Siwon’s flying kiss before I die.

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✔ Pinch Kyuhyun’s cheeks before I die.

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